Why Is…E da Boss


I first became aware of multi-talented artist Eric Boss several years back on a track he produced for Bicasso of the Living Legends. In fact, he’s produced some pretty dope joints over the years under the name E da Boss. Here’s one of my favorites…

And there’s always this hella fresh track right here…

See what I’m saying?

We recently connected with E da Boss, backstage during the Phoenix stop off for the Stones Throw Soul Tour. The lineup for that particular show was undeniably epic. Label mates The Stepkids, Dam Funk, Peanut Butter Wolf and a duo that goes by the name, Myron & E put on an amazing show for those lucky enough to attend. Well, Eric Boss, or E da Boss, or E from Myron & E definitely showed that he’s worth quite a bit more than just the label of producer. Dude is all around gifted when it comes to music…and apparently in the kitchen as well.

Yo, if you’ve been living under some igneous rock deposits, you might not have heard anything by Myron & E yet. If that’s the case, school’s in session, suckas. You need to know.

This one right here has been a family favorite for awhile now.

Listen for yourself and see why this is one of the best things to happen to the world of music…ever.

Their album with The Soul Investigators, Broadway, is one of those colossal fires that you couldn’t put out even if you tried. This is the kind of music you’d normally only get from raiding the collection of old dudes who know what good Soul music is. My hat’s off to these cats for putting together a project this solid.

Here’s some of the conversation we shared:

TKM: You get down in the kitchen?

E: Yeah, man. I do. I can cook.

TKM: Word? Nice. Have you always gotten around in the kitchen real good?

E: You know what I grew up in – my pops used to cook and he made sure that I knew how to get around in the kitchen. He’d be like, “here, peel these potatoes.” I learned how to cook because when he was cooking he made damn sure that I knew how to.

E: My brother would be like, “I’m hungry.” So then I’d go in the kitchen and hook up some mashed potatoes. He’d be like, “Damn, how’d you learn to make that?” I told him. And I told him he needed to learn how to make it too.

TKM: Well, we usually like to be the ones making the meals but maybe we should have you make one for us.

E: Yeah, man. I got a radio show, Grown Kids Radio, and whenever we do interviews we like to sit down and have a nice meal beforehand.

TKM: Yeah, that’s what we like to do.

E: Yeah, then everyone’s comfortable and relaxed. Just makes it better.

TKM: What do you like to make?

E: Fried Chicken.

TKM: You wanna give us your fried chicken recipe?

E: I’m from the East Coast so what I do – I just get a paper bag and I put my flour in it…

TKM: You using anything special or –

E: Regular all-purpose flour. Lowry’s seasoning salt and then garlic salt. A little bit of salt but then heavy on the pepper. I take it, shake it in the bag, put the chicken in the bag – but then the cool thing is if you brine the chicken over night it’s gonna be way more juicy. Yeah, put it in the flour bag with the mix and shake it up. And then deep fry it. Get a pot, a nice size pot, and then drop it in. Peanut oil is the best cuz it stands up to the heat. But a lot of it is just – it just depends. Use what you like. So, then you just fry it til it’s golden brown.

TKM: That sounds pretty easy.

E: And good!

TKM: Well, thanks for sharing that.

E: Yeah, I also got a spaghetti. It’s real simple. It’s super simple. I just do spaghetti with zucchini and squash. Get a nice little tomato and basil mixture. Put it in there. Let the squash and zucchini go like that for a couple of hours til it gets real soft. Like real, real soft. Very soft. And then mix it with your spaghetti and then Shhhhhhhh…


It was cool to be able to chop it up with E for a bit. When we initially met I explained to him that in Spanish we’d say that we’re “tocayos” because both of our families call us Eric. He’s a real cool cat who’s very approachable and like us, loves good food. He does his DJ thing in the Bay Area, and when he’s not doing that, he’s traveling the world as half of Myron & E. Catch them when they pass through your area code. You can thank me later.

Make sure to head on over to their page on the Stones Throw site and pick up some music and merch. You can follow E on Twitter or Instagram if you’re into that or just let me keep you up to date with all things Myron & E by liking us on Facebook and Twitter. Peace y’all. Happy listening.

Cop this for sure.

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