Treat Yo Self: Ward Off the Flu With Fire Cider

I know that “treat yo self” usually means that you’re gonna treat yourself to something more akin to something sweet, whether that sweetness be figurative or literal. But I like to use “treat yo self” to describe a way of taking our precious health into our own hands. Treating yo self isn’t easy though. It means staying away from things that lower our immune systems.. things like sugar. Did you know that your immune system becomes significantly compromised for up to 4 hours after you ingest sugar? It also means knowing thyself and thy own body. Don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you.

At any sign of potential infestation, I whip out the big guns.. this fire cider is no joke. I also make sure to sleep plenty! Sleep is important!

I wrote this post for one of my weekly Chow Bella posts, please read up and get started on it asap, as it has to sit for 2 weeks before it’s truly ready.

Power to the people!

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