The Law of Giving & Receiving

neila dino

If you listen to stuff like this…

…then more than likely you’ve already come across Neila’s music or art. You might already have some of her tapes, cd’s, vinyl or even her children’s book. Perhaps you’ve even heard this one before…

If not, I recommend you start to check out more of this…

…and eventually you’ll find your way to Neila (these artists are all very supportive of each other).

Today’s theme is inspiration. Oh, well, it’s also about giving and receiving. Hm, actually, it’s about being inspired to give and to receive. Ok, it’s like this:

The other day I was skimming through my Facebook news feed (yeah, I know not the best use of my time) when I came across a post by artist, Laura Neila, that immediately arrested my attention. A few years back I went to a Hip Hop show to check out an artist from the group Of Mexican Descent when I was introduced to the incredible talents of Neila. Been following her ever since. The post in question said something to the effect of, “I’m giving away some of my CD’s and books”…and it concluded with “Give love. Get love. Be love.” Alright, the free stuff is attention getting enough but the reason this really half-nelson’d my consciousness is that we had just been talking about the giving – rather, the inability to give. Me and the wife were contemplating and considering the fact that giving is such a challenge for us sometimes. Be it giving of our time, energy, or even our knowledge. For some reason there’s just this block that often times makes it difficult to be as giving as we’d like to be. We hold back for some reason. Actually, part of the reason we started to collaborate on this site was to break that inability. And it’s working. It’s happening. Things have started to manifest (but more on that later).

Anyway, I ended up contacting Neila and had an amazing conversation with her about The Law of Giving and Receiving. It was a discussion that really inspired me and that energy took me through my work week. She schooled me on the idea of Pure Potentiality. We talked about the power behind intentions and the connectedness between giving and receiving. She dropped science on the power of letting go and the power of allowing or accepting. Deep.


So, after she was done kicking the ballistics on what it means to give, to be able to purge, I was already onto the next question, “Yo, how did you come to this knowledge?” She broke down how she and a friend had agreed to check out a yoga class. It was purely accidental…or was it? In going to this class, she was drawn by the teachings and knowledge of the instructor (unlike her friend who was not having it and was ready to bounce). One thing led to the next, and now she’s a student of this spiritual teacher who’s guiding her and giving her the means to attain a higher plane of spiritual awareness. We talked about Deepak Chopra, the 7 Laws of Life, finding yourself through meditation and Karma.

One thing that really stood out was when she said, “The key is helping other people get what you want.”

“Hold on, helping other people get what you want or what they want?”

“Both. By helping them get what they want, you get what you want.”
(Deep…like the minds of Minolta)

Go ahead and marinate on that as you check out this older track…

You already know that food always comes up with us…

She knows what’s up. I had heard that she was diagnosed with vocal chord cancer (if you check out her catalogue, you’ll be able to figure out when that came into play). I wanted to talk to her about food and cancer because I’m aware of the correlation between nutrition and disease prevention.

It turns out, I didn’t have anything to teach her. She had already mastered it. This woman cured herself naturally. “I did everything they told me not to do.” Apparently they told her she was to receive chemo treatments, not to change her diet, and that it was OK to continue eating meat. She did the exact opposite. Through juicing and a diet of natural foods she has completely cured herself. Yo…the FDA will tell you that this isn’t possible. She’d beg to disagree.

I mentioned earlier that on top of music she also writes children’s books. She seems to stay active with her art and she loves Yeti. If you wanna check out some of her work, peep the following two videos:

This one showcases some of her drawings and raps …

More visual art by slideshow…

Well, I said that the theme was inspiring to give and to receive. And I meant it. See, Neila was cool enough to give us a nice little stash of books and CD’s that we could give out to you. But, if you remember I also talked about power of intentions. So, here’s what I’d like to do…I would like to challenge you to give (in whatever capacity you can). If you share with us the story of your giving in the comments section, I’ll send you a random book or CD until supplies run out.

Give love. Get love. Be love. Peace.


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