The Impressive PremRock Talks Food

Those-not-knowin’, allow me to introduce Premonition aka PremRock. PremRock, I’d like to introduce you to some future fans.

Seriously, good people. This dude is hella cool, comes wit it with the raps and has a vibe you’re gonna wanna get down with.

Check out this freshness…

Shortly after discovering the incredible talents emminating from Planet PremRock, I heard he’d be passing through our cityscape. Was looking forward to catching his set but the day of I found myself in the midst of an energy crisis. Having had an extremely long week, I kinda slumped on the couch listening to tracks trying to find the motivation I needed to get up off my back pocket padding and get to the show. I threw on the laid back track up above and when wifey heard it, that was it. She got up, headed into the kitchen and was on some I’m making this dude some treats and you’re going to that show. Tasty treats were concocted, packaged, and made ready for distribution (as seen in the photo below).

Hafta say, I’m thankful it all went down the way it did, the way it was supposed to. Caught a great performance and got to chop it up with this cat. Yo, when he comes through your area…do not miss.

Exhibit B. Check it out cuz I’ very much feelin this…

TKM: I know who you are but can you tell our readers a little about yourself…

Prem: My name is PremRock but also Mark. I’m a rap artist who lives in Lower East Manhattan but a Pennsylvania native. I’m 27 years old and doing the best I can.


TKM: Alright, I’m gonna get right into the food talk. So…how would you say food relates to the creation of your music?

Prem: I would say my diet can certainly improve my creation of music, if I’m living healthy and eating well I tend to have more energy and more energy means more productivity which leads to more music. Although I’ve made some good music being unhealthy, I’m gaining wisdom and that means my diet has become more important.

TKM: Can you speak on food culture in NY…

Prem: Well.. NY you can find anything you want. From Ukranian dive bar food to Brazilian fare and that’s just within a few blocks of my neighborhood. I’m certainly not a foodie but just about everyday I wish I go out a little more and experience some of the culture that seems to dominate my area.

TKM: Do you get down in the kitchen? What are your kitchen skills like?

Prem: I’m not bad, definitely learned to be self-sufficient in the kitchen since a young lad. I try to hook up the veggie, tofu, chicken stir fry a couple times a week. When super broke I can make some magic happen for under $5 and you got to learn these skills to survive!

TKM: Yeah, my wife is a master of the something from nothing skill set. I’m blessed with that. There probably isn’t anyone else I’d rather have creating a $5 feast for me. How ’bout you? If you could have anyone make you a meal, who would it be?

Prem: Scarlet Johansson… I’d be a total gentleman and it could even suck but I’d pretend to like it.

TKM: Haha! I love it. Man, I’ve heard every kind of response to that question that you could imagine. Scarlet Johansson, huh? Ok. Well, let me ask you this. Who or what is it that inspires you?

Prem: Man… Way too much. Traveling certainly does it for me. My friends make some of the best hip-hop in the world so they inspire me to be better as well. But a lot more than that, family, life – all of that beautiful stuff.

TKM: Damn, how amazing is that? You get to work along side the people that inspire you. Well, what if you had the opportunity to collaborate with anybody of your choosing? Who would that be?

Prem: El-P, Wayne Coyne & Tom Waits but damn this changes everyday!

TKM: I can imagine. I have a hard enough time naming a top ten on any given day. Alright, I’m gonna throw out a few ideas, kind of a word association type of game. When I throw it out, just say whatever comes to mind.

Speak on it:

hot sauce – needed
homemade meals – as much as possible!
sea food – yes yes yes. To quote the homey Has-Lo “I love Scallops”
satisfy a sweet tooth – Paydays
late night eats – cereal or soup
food you avoid – anything fast food related

TKM: OK. Ok. Do you have a recipe you could share with us?

Prem: Ah man, I don’t really have a lot of secret recipes. I just normally do the stir fry with brown rice, bell peppers, peanut sauce and some tofu or chicken. Very light and gottdamn delicious!

TKM: Word! We’ll come up with something inspired by those ingredients and let you know how it comes out! I got one last question for ya, I always gotta wrap up with this one.
True or false: You are what you eat..

Prem: To a degree I’ll say yes. How you eat and how much attention you pay to it is indicative of how you view yourself. It’s not everything but it is important so let’s say yes.

TKM: Thanks for your time and energy. Bless up. I wish you the best in attaining the highest degree of success you can with this Hip Hop thing. Respect!

Hey, be sure to catch up with Prem at
This dude’s good energy through and through. You’re gonna wanna harness some of that. Don’t be one of the late-passers, get on board now!

Here’s a vid of Prem Spittin’ in Da Wip…

My man can freestyle, right?

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