The Following Previews are Rated…Fresh

I got kids. I don’t have the same opportunities as some of my sans-kids contemporaries, especially when it comes to cinematic viewing. These carbon copies are ruling my movie experiences. Over here we got cartoons on deck at all times and when we do make it out to the theaters it’s usually animated (not gonna hate on Wreck-it Ralph, though). I’m lucky I even find out about the good movies that are on their way to a theater near you. This could be the reason for my excitement when I come a across a dope preview (usually followed by bittersweet feelings like “yeah, that looks fresh but when am I gonna have an open window to check that out?”).
The following are some dope previews that I’ve come across and if you don’t have kids…you will probably watch and then ask, “Hey, have you seen…?”

This first one actually wouldn’t have even come out if it wasn’t for fan support. See, the good folks at Stones Throw started to put together this documentary about Peanut Butter Wolf and the label he created. Apparently they were short a few g’s (like 35 of’em) and needed our help to make it happen. They got this Kickstarter thing going and fans had the opportunity to be a part of something that looks fresher than a kale salad.  It worked.  Sometime next year you (and possibly I) will get a chance to see the completed version.

Sample This. Yo, a documentary on one of the most familiar samples in all the world of hip hop? Where’s the like button? I need to see this.  Although, somewhere in the middle it gets kinds weird – a hip hop doc with a murder twist…that’s gotta be a first.  I’m very excited for this one!

Doin it in the park. Doin it after dark… oh yeah. I already told you I’m a fan of sports documentaries. So a b-ball doc? C’mon, son.  You know I’m all over this one. And produced by the legendary (radio host and sneaker head) Bobbito Garcia? Check please.

Brooklyn Boheme.  I feel like I hafta keep referring to things that I’ve already said but, if you follow us, you know that Nelson George is one of my all time favorite writers.  I think I’ve read every book he’s ever written (don’t quote me on that, though), including his memoir, City Kid.  He’s put out this movie that documents Brooklyn and the artists it birthed and inspired.  He discusses this in detail in his memoir, so for me this is a must. This guy was rubbing shoulders with an up and coming young Chris Rock, a trying-to-come-up Russell Simmons and a hopeful movie producer, Spike Lee.  The movie boasts an all-star lineup of talent that collectively tell the story of Brooklyn and it’s impact on the world.  Anyone wanna babysit my young’uns so I don’t miss this?

This one I’ve already seen…but you need to check it out. I included it in here because it’s a must see.  The World Famous Beat Junkies.  So glad I’ve gotten the chance to seem them perform the routines featured in this movie. Phenomenal!

Art of Rap. Another one I’ve actually found the time to sit down and watch…and so should you.  Lots of good perspectives here.

I hope that even if you do have kids, you’ll be able to find some time to unwind and watch one of these movies. And when you do, please don’t ask me if I’ve seen it. Because aside from the last two, I probably haven’t.

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