The F.O.R.C.E. is Strong

I can usually gauge the completeness of an album by how and when I listen to it. Example: I have some records that I have to stay close to while listening because I know there will be a point when I will have to skip a song or switch out albums.  The best test for how well I like an album is – Does it make a good house-cleaning soundtrack? I listen to all of my favorite music while cleaning (I guess it’s my 7 dwarfs “Whistle While You Work” thing I got going on). In our household I have made the floors my personal responsibility. You can’t ignore the dust and dirt on hardwood or tiled floors like you can with carpet. Trust.

One of my favorite, favorite records for cleaning is the criminally slept on second release by JVC FORCE.  There are several recognizable samples and beats on the album that keep my head bobbing and my body moving while I attack those dust bunnies.  But it’s not just that. It’s that 80’s rap cadence that’s easily understood and compliments the music that makes this album a record crate keeper.

There’s a mix of styles on this album that keep it fresh (cuz it’s easy to get into a musical funk when everything sounds the same…reason I can’t listen to radio programming). They got the ragga style, that steppin’-to-the-90′s-style, and even a hip-house joint (which is usually on while I’m mopping the bathroom…the only “eh” track on the album). There’s even a track where they sample their own classic banger, “Strong Island“.

And I’m sure you’ve heard someone else use this same sample. But these guys had it first…

If you get a chance, check these guys out…they deserve a bigger audience.  I found this nice Unkut Guide to J.V.C. FORCE, kind of an everything-you’d-like-to-know about them interview.

It’s too bad these dudes never got their proper shine (unlike my floors), but if you’re ever over at the house enjoying the clean hardwoods and tiles…chances are they got that Mr. Clean sparkle to the beats by  J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.


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  • Lazarick chatman says:

    The J.V.C Force came out just before I went to the army in 1988 and found their cassette in Lawton,Ok and fell in love with them,but they are a victim of the music industry executives and fans that don’t anything about TRUE Hip-Hop…etc(Black,Rock&Ron)This new stuff don’t even compare to the True Old Skool believe that!

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