Taking It Back To Roxbury

You ever notice people in their cars while you’re sitting in traffic? The nose picker. The American Idol crooning for his tree shaped air fresheners. How about the parent threatening to pull the car over and so-help-them-god?
I was thinking about how I might’ve looked today to the random passer-by as I sat in my homeward bound, hands at 10 and 2 position, staring straight ahead and reminiscing, rush hour stance. My chain of thoughts somehow took me from antics of my eighth graders to a certain chicken tortilla soup wifey makes all the way to a vivid memory of my early high school years. The memory triggered a song from the soundtrack to that time of my life.

The song that came to mind was track 6 from the album that you can hear samples of HERE. So, here’s how I imagine my face mighta looked as my thoughts meandered around the conduits of my memories – furrowed brow to lip-licking smirk all the way to full fledged satisfied smiling. Probably looked like a damn fool. But in my mind I couldn’t wait to get home and throw on this album.

If you’ve heard anything from this album, it’s most likely this:

I love this album! I love it for the beats, the memories, the double-time flow on track 6 and the feel that Hip Hop had 20 years ago when this was released. Edo is still doing his dang thing behind the mic. In fact, he just released a new solo album last week. As good as it is that he’s still creating, there’s no way that the style and feel that was on Roxbury 02119 can ever be repeated. The samples and structuring of the songs is so 1993. It was a year in Hip Hop when so many new styles were coming out but they all had that vibe that encapsulated that special year. I miss it. Lucky for me though, all I gotta do to time travel back to that time is to throw on albums like this and I’m there. Triple fat goose, fresh pair of Flight’s and all.

So, now as I drive around (at least for the next few weeks, until I get reminded of that next throwback) my fellow road travelers will only see one thing from the guy behind my steering wheel – a smiling face and a bobbing head. Yeah, it’s ’93 ya’ll. It’s 93.

*******you can get with that, or you can get with this*******

In case you’re curious about Edo G’s newer releases, here’s a sampling. Check it.

From his collab album with the great Masta Ace…

From the album by German production team, Snowgoons…

From his album, A Face In The Crowd…

From his latest release…

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