Matcha Green Tea Latte

matcha green tea latte

“Put lead in your ass and drink a cup of tea
Peace to Red Alert and Kid Capri”
– Gang Starr ft. Nice & Smooth

Every few weeks I quit coffee. The last several weeks I’ve been a fiend, even though I know it’s not good for me. It make me jittery, anxious and impatient. The problem is, that’s what I love about it. But it’s time to lay off again.

Sometimes I’ll go cold turkey and not have any caffeine at all, but not this time. Right now I’m a fiend for matcha green tea. Oh man, if you’ve never had a green tea latte you’re in for a real treat. There’s a reason why it’s been prized in Japan since the 12th century. Matcha green tea powder is alkalizing, energizing and detoxifying. It’s the opposite of coffee.

matcha green tea

I found the powder on sale at a local health food store. It can run a bit pricey, but it’s far less expensive than buying coffee every day. Also, you don’t need any fancy equipment to brew it (unless you wanna get a bamboo whisk – it’s on my wish list!). All you do is combine some almond milk with powder and a little bit of maple syrup. Warm it on the stove or pour it over ice. BOMB.

Matcha Green Tea Latte


1 cup almond milk – or milk of choice
2 teaspoons matcha green tea powder
1 tablespoon maple syrup – or to taste

Make it:

Combine the almond milk, green tea powder and maple syrup. Whisk until frothy, then pour into a cup.

For a frappe-like beverage, blend it with about 1/2 cup of ice.

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