“It’s ALL Beautiful” and Other Lessons Gleaned From the Legendary DJ Qbert

The opportunity to talk to DJ Qbert came at an absolutely extraordinary time.  Indeed, I’m inclined to think it was even heaven sent.  As you’ve probably read, I’ve had a lot of fear – especially concerning the future, but it turns out a 27 minute conversation with Qbert can remedy the most dire emotions.

I have to begin by saying, I really respect and appreciate Qbert’s openness and willingness to talk to us – for it was truly on par of a miracle in our little world.

We began our conversation like we do most, explaining our goals and asking about food, but it quickly went much deeper…

On Food:

While this site is still in a state of infancy, we’re beginning to get a very serious confirmation of our hypothesis:  You are what you eat.  DJ Qbert eats very little meat and consumes no white rice or flour.  He drinks water from glass bottles (us too!) and blesses his food (we all should).  He also partakes in green smoothies, as does Homeboy Sandman.  Interesting isn’t it?

Many years ago, I read a book called “Power vs Force” by Dr. David R Hawkins.  In this book I learned that every single person vibrates at a particular frequency, depending on the evolution of their consciousness.  I bring this up because I believe we should all be trying to raise our vibrational level.  One of the most basic ways to do this is to pay attention to what you eat.  Eating the right food can be really simple if you just follow the old hip hop adage, “keep it real.”  Real food is that found in it’s most natural form.  If it’s got a whole list of bullshit ingredients you can’t pronounce, then it’s not real food.  Just like when “baby MCs” come out with their gibberish, bullshit talk…

But there are many other ways too..

You are what you think:

Because I had a sense of Qbert’s philosophies, I wanted to get an idea of his vision of our future.  “I have a lot of fear,” I said to him, 5 minutes into the conversation.  One of the first things he responded with was, “It’s great, it’s wonderful.”  I can’t even tell you how many times he repeated, “It’s beautiful, it’s all beautiful.”  It was in these moments that we talked about the significance of having a garden.  Qbert says seeds are our future currency, and whether you want to take that literally or figuratively – as children are often referred to as “seeds” in hip hop – he’s right.

He also said that the more negativity that happens in the world, there’s that much more good that happens.  Now this, I really like.  If you really stop and think about it.. and go out of your way to see and acknowledge it, this too is true.  As we’ve recently witnessed through the folks enduring the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the most terrible of circumstances often bring out the most beautiful human behaviors.  It’s just so hard to focus on this when the media inundates us with the terrible.  But I believe what he says because it makes sense, like the yin yang symbol.

We spoke of manifesting.  “Whatever you believe is going to happen will manifest.”  Yes!  And YIKES!  The key here is keeping thoughts positive and directed toward the light, toward God.  I’m keenly aware that positive thinking alone can’t save, or prevent every bad thing, but I do know that positive thinking can shape the way negative situations are perceived.  This goes hand in hand with intention, which I learned about from Wayne Dyer (whose book, The Power of Intention, literally changed my life).   It’s true, intentions and thoughts manifest themselves in physical reality…  Try telling yourself “it’s a shitty day” all day and see what happens; then try telling yourself “it’s a beautiful day” all day and see what happens.  Heck, just take a moment to truly feel how your body responds when you pay your attention to these two phrases and you’ll see the truth immediately.

Finally, regarding “what you think,” DJQbert sees great value in meditation.  I don’t know of a single truly successful person (successful, as in they’re in LOVE with life and with what they do) that does not meditate.  It’s key.  Let’s do this!

There’s More to Life Than This:

My favorite part of the conversation though, the part that I keep referring to in my mind when I’m about to jump down the rabbit hole in a panic, is the part about things that are not so conventional.  Indeed, these things are literally out of this world.  Many of them are things that I believe in, but am not quite prepared to reveal in this post…

The thing I can reveal and is probably the most essential, is that Qbert believes in angels.  If you really need to feel like you have extra security, say a prayer to the angels and “they’ll put a shield around you, it’s cool.”  Oh man.  What makes this even more significant is that I’ve been really into Doreen Virtue these days.  Doreen Virtue teaches about angels in a way that is accessible and inspiring…  PS – I once saw an angel when I was six years old.

For me, rather, for us, this conversation was both uplifting and confirming.  We’re seeing that these things – intention, manifesting, the importance of food and meditation – are real.  We’re seeing how people who practice these notions from deeper levels are really just tapping into God, an Energy available to all of us if we choose to accept it.  But we’re also seeing that accepting it isn’t as easy as it looks, it’s a practice and a choice that we must make in each moment.  Most importantly, we learned that the future holds beauty despite the necessary suffering we must endure to learn the things we’re supposed to learn.

“It’s all good.”

Follow DJ Qbert on Twitter and be sure to check out his girlfriend, Aya Matsuba’s inspiring website Bloom and Beauty.

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