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I feel like every profession is transferable to at least one other thing. Take a teacher – a good teacher. One could easily slide between teaching, counseling, and advising. Those three professions are easily transferable. The skills in these careers are basically one in the same. In that way, it would make sense that a DJ/producer/composer should really have everything necessary to be 5 star chef. The only real differences are the ingredients.

In the course of our journey we’ve proved this theory many times over. Although, there have been a few exceptions to the rule (lookin’ at you, Kev Brown. haha). Let’s see how today’s featured producer measures up.

We caught up with drummer, producer, composer and all around cool guy, PVD. Yeah, you’ve heard me sing his praises many times over in the last year or so. He’s the mad scientist behind Lux DeVille with 8thW1 and Modern Vintage with John Robinson. If you don’t have these two projects, you owe it to yourself to get’em now!

You’re in for a treat with this guy right here. Especially, if you’re not yet familiar with his music. We got something special for you today. Here’s a bit of our food and music conversation…

TKM: Talk about the relationship between food/diet and creating music?

PVD: I think about it the same way. It makes sense to me that a good producer would be a good chef, right? Whether you are thinking about how things work together sonically, in terms of mixing a record, or whether things work together when preparing your dinner, it’s the same idea.

TKM: In terms of food/diet, what are you trying to gravitate towards? Or avoid?

PVD: Less ingredients, more real, whole food. I don’t count calories, just ingredients. Real food, less mystery. Balance is everything.

TKM: In terms of music (listening/creating/producing), what are you trying to gravitate towards? Or avoid?

PVD: Less filler, more real music.

TKM: Do you get around in the kitchen pretty good? How comfortable are you preparing a meal for the family?

PVD: I cook for a family of 5. I get busy in the kitchen…on a budget too. Get outta my way!

TKM: What’s most important to you when preparing a meal? What’s most important when creating a track?

PVD: The quality of the core ingredients. What makes up a meal (or song) plays an enormous role in it’s final outcome. If you start with quality ingredients, whether that be fresh vegetables / meats or….great performances on quality instruments / amps / mics… will be that much easier to tie it together in its final presentation.

TKM: What are the best and worst things about music in 2014?

PVD: Best: The ability for an engaged listener to find anything their ear desires with a click of a mouse.
Worst: the lack of engaged listeners willing to put in the work. Shout out to everyone doing the research and supporting quality independent music!

TKM: What are the best and worst things about food culture in this country?

PVD: People seem to be concerned nowadays with knowing what is in their food. This is a great thing.

TKM: What are some of the contributing factors to the direction that your music takes you (or you take your music)?

PVD: New influences and new experiences. I am constantly being turned on to great music, old and new, and every day is filled with new experiences. You have to move through life with an open mind, creative individuals especially. Absorb as much as you can and use it to create something new.

TKM: What projects are you currently working on or can we look forward to in the future?

PVD: I have the follow up record to my solo instrumental LP; ‘Technicolor HI-FI’ recorded, mixed and ready to go. Hopefully that will see a release soon. There will be a few remixes seeing the light of day soon as well from the likes of DJ Spinna and Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble from Technicolor HI-FI. Darryl (8thW1) and I are working on a new Lux DeVille record and I have another project with John Robinson and singer: Melinda Camille, (who was featured on 3 tracks on ‘Modern Vintage’) that is off to a great start. Besides that, possibly a 3rd volume of PVD Breaks?

TKM: What other artists would you like to collaborate with?

PVD: Emily King… I figure that if I say it enough, it will happen someday? She is great.

TKM: At what point did you feel like (or do you think you’d feel like) “I’ve made it!” ?

PVD: Not yet, This music life is a super hustle. Good thing I don’t like sitting still.

TKM: True or False: You are what you eat.

PVD: True.

TKM: Can you share a recipe with us?

PVD: Fresh Garden Veggie / Chick Pea Salad
I decided to make something light, clean, and fresh for the summer. I have a garden so fresh veggies are always my go-to this time of year. With the exception of the onion, corn, and chick peas, everything came straight from the garden. This is a great salad to make ahead of time and then throw a piece of meat on the grill and you’ve got a meal. Enjoy!
1 Green Squash (Peeled and Diced)
1 Yellow Squash (Peeled and Diced)
1 Cucumber (Peeled and Diced)
Handful of Small Tomatoes (I used Supersweet 100s, but Grape Tomatoes work too)
1 Bell Pepper
1 Sweet Banana Pepper
1 Chilli Red Pepper
1/2 Red Onion
1 Small Can of Corn
1 Small Can of Chick Peas
Salt and Fresh Black Pepper to Taste
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice

Peel and Dice the veggies and combine in a bowl. Add the chick peas & corn. Combine with Salt & Pepper (to taste) as well as olive oil and lemon juice. Toss it and refrigerate for an hour.
Enjoy with a grilled steak and an ice cold IPA.

close upTKM


Be on the lookout for anything this guy puts out because everything he’s had a hand in, so far, has been top shelf. You can get his past projects HERE. You might wanna give him a follow on Twitter so you can be up to speed with everything he’s got going on – or just check out his dot com. This is one super talented producer…and not too bad in a chef’s hat. Theory proven.

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