Homeboy Sandman X The Kitchen Mix

Recently, we here at the Kitchen Mix had the opportunity to sit down and talk food with the emcee extraordinaire, Homeboy Sandman.  While our conversation centered around the food we eat, it also meandered into other realms of our daily lives.  We obviously talked music (we all agreed that Oddisee is making the bangers that captivate our ears), kids (ours and DJ Sosa’s), the cool AZ weather and one of our favorite topics: a positive shift in human consciousness.

Being of like mind when it comes to the food that we put into our body, we discovered quite a few dualities in our diets and tastebuds.

Wifey hooked up some tasty treats to share with our visiting New Yorkers (“These cats brought mad treats, yo”).  Although she was worried that they might not take to her  healthy sweets, they were quickly devoured and enjoyed.  We later found out that Homeboy’s favorite cure for a sweet tooth is chocolate cake…and what did she make?

1.  Quinoa Chocolate Cake

2.  Raw Trail Mix Cookies

3.  Chocolate Chip & Coconut Bars






While DJ Sosa schooled the Missus on the benefits of spreadsheets and his borderline obsessive organization of data, I chopped up a food Q&A with the Homeboy Sandman, who coincidentally had been a recent topic here at the Kitchen Mix. In between bites of the goodies, he shared his thoughts on everything from homemade meals to hot sauce.  Throughout the conversation two things kept coming up: 1. Popcorn, the dude could “cold live off of popcorn” and 2. Smoothies.   So, after our visit we decided to help you recreate the Sandman Smoothie to enjoy while you popped your very own hot air popped popcorn.

Sandman Smoothie ingredients:

1. Any type of green – kale, broccoli, spinach…
2. Bananas (if he could grow his own anything, this is what he would choose)
3. Bag of mixed berries (from Trader Joe’s)
4. Amy and Brian’s Coconut Water “to lubricate the thing”

Blend the above ingredients and then “I got the ill smoothie.”

Homeboy loves him some popcorn and although he didn’t get into specifics on how he makes his, we went with the hot air popped variety. We had to go this route because…well, it’s the healthiest way to get it on and poppin’.  He’ll take his with whatever – butter, cheese, the flavoring, the whole nine yards and everything in between. We’re recommending the classic salt and butter.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, here’s the Sandman Sandwich: “provolone cheese is dope…a nice fat ass leaf (romaine)” and he “don’t really rock with cold cuts” so chicken breast, mustard and mayo.  And there you have it.  The Sandman Sandwich.

So, if you’re like us and “haven’t eaten fast food in mad years” or are looking for a healthier snacking alternative – try the Sandman Smoothie and hook up some hot buttered popcorn. It’s time you start eating like a homeboy.

“Where have you been lunching?
What have you been munching?
My dude, food consumed will affect your mood
Mickey D’s be pumped with drugs
one result – Mean Mugs”

-Homeboy Sandman from “Mean Mug






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