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Last night I inadvertently discovered what is, as of this moment, my new favorite music. Turns out Saeso was already hip to it being released yesterday, but it had slipped his mind. Anyway, this new favorite is called, Dreaming in Sanskrit by husband and wife duo, Marti Nikko and Dj Drez. If you’re like us, you may already know and be a fan of Drez from his production and cuts on projects like…


or even…

This new album comes at a perfect time in my life as I have spent the last several months learning about feminine energy and goddesses through Sally Kempton’s book and meditation sessions titled, “Awakening Shakti.”
awakening shakti

When I first watched the preview for the “Dreaming in Sanskrit” album I was so excited to hear some of the mantras that I’d heard in Kempton’s meditation sessions being sung over Dj Drez’s beats. See, I’m very new to learning about gods, goddesses & Shakti, so hearing the mantras in a different, yet more familiar, hip-hop/reggae way really helped me further connect with and remember the chants. It’s also really moving, as in, you can’t help but get up and dance and get that chi moving. Let it happen!

I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of both “Awakening Shakti” by Sally Kempton and “Dreaming in Sankrit.” If possible, buy the products directly from the publisher/label. The links are highlighted above.

Also, if you happen to get into the Shakti meditations, let me know! I would love to discuss in detail how you relate and respond to the transformative and supportive power of Durga, Kali, Lakshmi… As a female raised in a Christian environment, I was never aware of feminine energy or goddesses. In fact, talking about such things would have been deemed evil. However, connecting with this energy has really helped me understand a part of myself that has always been hidden and denied. I have a tremendous way to go, but the door has opened and I’m excited (and a little bit scared; these goddesses are POWERFUL) to see who I uncover within my self.

I’m thankful for the incredible talents of DJ Drez and his amazing wife, Marti for putting together a project like this that will hopefully open the door for more people to experience and connect to this type of meditation. They’ve created a vehicle to connect the worlds of Yoga and meditation with Wold beats and Hip Hop. I highly recommend you pick up “Dreaming in Sanskrit.”

**If money’s tight right now and you’re not prepared to purchase new music, you don’t have to be left out. Marti Nikko & DJ Drez have gifted you the following track so that you can help them celebrate the release of “Dreaming in Sanskrit.”

You can stream and purchase the new album down below or head over HERE to find more World, Reggae, Hip Hop and Yoga inspired music from DJ Drez’s back catalogue. Enjoy the good vibrations!

***Finally, a little disclaimer, of sorts. I’m well aware that my interest in Shakti and Hindu goddesses could be viewed as a form of cultural appropriation that may not be appreciated by some. We absolutely do not intend to exploit anyone. We deeply respect all cultures, beliefs, and religions. ***

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