Cherry Bombin’ on ya


Black Coffee, no sugar, no cream
It’s just the way I like it…”
– Heavy D (from Black Coffee)

Yo, we looooove some coffee around here. A black iced coffee for me to start the day off and a latte for the Mrs. Matter fact, I could go for an iced Americano right now. So while I make that happen, I’d like to share with you a little project that my good homies at Cherries Records put together. They blended together two of my favorite elements that make for a perfect good morning: the super fresh savory tastes of cool beats and hot coffee.

Check it out. There are some serious coffee heads out in Chicago that opened up a spot for the coffee community out there called Dark Matter Coffee. These guys are no joke. Coffee professionals. They’re out on a mission “to educate the community on how to roast, brew, serve, taste and appreciate a great cup of coffee.”

Anyway, as part of the celebration commemorating their 5 year anniversary, these coffee connoisseurs have put together a special blend of – well, let me let them explain…

” A blend of micro-lot red bourbons processed in three methods, and grown by Mauricio Ruffatti in Finca San Jose, Sonsanate, El Salvador.
The natural adds a bing cherry element, pulp-natural renders a rich dark chocolate body, and washed sparkles with red fruit acidity.
We are honored to bring you this firecracker to celebrate our 5th Anniversary as a family!”

Well, how perfect is it that they decided to call this blend Cherry Bomb? I’ll tell you how perfect. See, our good friends, also stationed out of Chicago, run a modern funk and r&b label called Cherries Records. Coincidence? Yeah, they didn’t think so either. So, they decided to collaborate for the celebration of Dark Matter Coffee’s five year anniversary.

The cool mofo’s behind Cherries Records, Meaty Ogre and Shred One, decided to put out a dope little limited edition mixtape for this momentous occasion. Look, I’m kinda biased because these are my home pieces, but this tape is HOT. If you’re in the area, and you’re lucky enough to grab one of these limited goodies…do it! Twelve ounces of tasty fresh ground coffee AND a fresh little mix? Wow.

As it turns out, Meaty and Shreddy took turns and sides on this mixtape. If you aren’t in the Chicago area and can’t get your hands on the physical tape, fear not, I’m gonna let you listen in on the mix…

Here’s the Shred One side…

Cherry Bomb Mixtape – Curated and mixed by Shred One from Cherries Records by Darkmattercoffee on Mixcloud

And here’s the Meaty Ogre side…

Cherry Bomb Mixtape – Curated & mixed by Meaty Ogre from Cherries Records by Darkmattercoffee on Mixcloud

The best of both worlds, right? You can have your hot cup of goodness while you listen to the fresh mixes from two of the best that Chicago (and now New York) have to offer. Here’s my disclaimer though: the mix is gonna get your body moving and I imagine the coffee will too. So be prepared to get stuff done. There won’t be any lounging around if you’re enjoying both at the same time. That’s my word.

Stay up to date on Cherries Records releases and all the fun they share with the world by following them here…

Also, check out Dark Matter Coffee online HERE.

Fresh blends for days.

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