Beets for days


“I honestly don’t think there are two things more synonymous than DJing and cooking. The more you think about it, the more it’s readily apparent — only difference are the senses (taste vs. hearing).” -DJ Platurn

I love it when two things that put a smile on my face come together so that they can be enjoyed synchronously. Like the falafel/gyro joint that opened up right across the way from the spot that only sold French Fries when I was living in Germany. The best of both worlds.

You already know that our two favorite sources of enjoyment on this little journey called life are good food and music. Well, today I’d like to give you the opportunity to tap into a few projects that marry those two topics…with lots of flavor. Or, flava.

This first one is a fresh off-the-burner mix by DJ Platurn, a Kitchen Mix favorite. He’s blended together a lovely selection of food related tracks for the perfect weekend soundtrack. This one goes nice with an organic pale ale…or so I’ve been told.

And if you’re not sold by the song selection, scroll down, stream the mix and then go ahead and cop that so you can take it with you everywhere.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth — What’s Next On The Menu?
Pete Rock & CL Smooth — The Main Ingredient
Pete Rock & CL Smooth — Carmel City
Common feat. Jay-Z — Sweet
Raekwon — Ice Cream
Domino — Sweet Potato Pie
Ice-T — Fried Chicken
The J.B.’s — Givin’ Up Food For Funk
Goodie Mob — Soul Food
Mtume — Juicy Fruit
Juicy — Sugar Free
Kool & The Gang — Fruitman
Rodriguez — Sugarman
Harrell & Sharron Lucky — Pease Porridge Hot
Beastie Boys — Egg Man
Prince — Cream
Beck — Peaches & Cream
Black Uhuru — Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
Johnny Osbourne — No Ice Cream Love
Poets Of Rhythm — Saltin’ The Soup
Nina Simone — Sugar In My Bowl


“Good food just makes you feel good and that alone can inspire you. In the way that we eat with our eyes, making music is more than what we hear, it makes us feel. It enhances our other senses. I like to cook and eat just as much as I like to make music.” -Very G

This next one’s a local dish served up by DJ Organic and Very G (of Afro Classics). They gave us this nice little EP, Tapas, that’s more appetizer than main course. But it’s just as flavorful and filling as anything you’re being served at your favorite local eatery. Grab this one now!

Oh yeah, check out the video for the first single off the EP. And see if you can spot the Kitchen Mix cameo.


“I mean, I think food/cooking and making music, it’s all about having the awareness to be able to discern between all the subtleties between the different ingredients.” -Radioinactive

This last one is a video from the homie, Radioinactive. He’s just dropping beets on this one. I don’t even need to say anymore about this little goodie, other than you can preorder the new album HERE. Check it…

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