Super Green Parsley and Mint Cake

“Seen more green than St. Patrick” – Nas

It was really my intention to share this recipe with you last week, so you could have it for today, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Even though I planned the entire last half of the week around making it. I wouldn’t say I’m an amatuer baker, but this cake confronted me with two HUGE amateur mistakes.

Number 1 – I didn’t read the recipe all the way through. I thought I did. I knew the eggs needed to be at room temperature and prepared for that. What I didn’t expect was having to refrigerate the batter for 6 to 24 hours. Dammit. I thought about skipping this step, except the author said refrigeration would help produce a greener cake – and that’s the whole reason I chose this recipe. I wanted a green cake for St. Patrick’s Day that didn’t involve disgusting food dyes.

parsley cake3

This recipe is fun to make, especially if you like tedious tasks like plucking 150 grams worth of parsley leaves off of their stems. I’m good at this sort of thing and appreciate the kind of mental trance it puts me in. When the recipe said “parsley leaves” I wasn’t gonna take any chances putting stems in there.

parsley cake2

I usually don’t measure by weight, but decided to go for it this time. Luckily, the recipe also includes volumetric measurements, so don’t worry about it if you don’t have a kitchen scale (though I highly recommend one). What you will need, however, is a blender. Fresh parsley leaves get blended with fresh mint (mmmmmm…fresh mint!) and a bit of olive oil.

parsley cake4

And now for the confession of my second mistake. I tried to take the 9″ x 13″ glass cake pan out of the oven single handedly. I mean that literally. I’d only grabbed one oven mitt and was too lazy to reach for another. So the whole thing crashed to the floor. Glass EVERYWHERE, including in my foot. Thankfully I wasn’t home alone.

Luckily, the pan was lined with parchment paper and most of the cake landed in a way that didn’t contaminate it with germs or shards of glass. Cause that’s what’s important here… Knowing whether a parsley cake is actually good.

It is. It really is.
parsley cake

Check out the awesome site Food52 for the recipe and instructions.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Play it safe!

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