Substantial is Jackin’ Jill

I just wanna put you up on some good music today. And not only is it some feel good listening…it’s also available for that low-low price of $Free.99

I’m pretty excited about this one. At the end of last year, I picked some of my favorite albums of 2012. Substantial, the man behind today’s project, placed himself on that list by crafting the super solid, Home Is Where the Art Is. If you still haven’t got that, stop playing and get that now.

Here’s the deal: Substantial is a huge Jill Scott fan. Rather than waiting for the opportunity to collaborate on a project with her, instead he decided to jack some of Jill’s music and use it to create something he could rock over (thus the title). The result is a refreshing blend of soul and true school Hip Hop. I was first hipped to the release after he dropped this little taste of what he had been cookin’…

Then, yesterday he put out this promo video to make sure you knew what time it was. Now you know that downloading this was one of the first things I did today. Glad I didn’t have to wait too long for this to drop.

You can stream and download the entire album right here…

I have a feeling this is gonna get some serious spin here in the Mix. Maybe it’ll inspire some tasty creations in the kitchen. I’ll definitely let you know if it does. There’s always good music to be heard around here. Always.

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