PVD’s Let The Horns Blow


Some of us play. Some of us enjoy. And some of us (very few) play, compose, produce, arrange, record and enjoy.
For those paying attention, I’ve been trying to get folks to take notice of the work Pat Van Dyke has been putting in. His catalogue is among my favorite work currently being shared by music enthusiasts around the globe.
On September 23rd he releases his most recent project, a 7″ limited vinyl run on Record Breakin Music (RMB). Let The Horns Blow is the name of the joint and it’s 100% FUNK. As the title suggests, horns play a big role in the project – fans of afro-funk…y’all are in for a treat.
You can pre-order this slice of goodness now and stream the first track down below. I’d go on and say more, but as I’ve already penned the digital liner notes for the project, I’ll let you check it out for yourself. You can make your purchase and get familiar with the rest of the Record Breakin catalogue HERE.

The funk is alive and well…

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