Project Review: L.I.F.E.Long & Bunty Beats

Me and Bunty building something so monumental,
memorable, wonderful, in-cre-dible
let it be known worldwide – art imitates life
so I’m paintin’ the vibe…


The way that we experience entertainment in the U.S. took a huge hit when video rental stores went under. Sure, we got the Redbox and the convenience and bargain that come with it…but look at our selection. We settled for a 90% reduction in variety. Nexflix is great but now we’ve settled for what they’ve selected for us to choose from. We’re not out there finding those gems in the aisles and aisles of classics and newly released feature films.
So how do we find the good shit? Where do we learn about those really cool flicks that’ll end up on the Criterion Collection?
The same way we do our music. Word of mouth. See, there are plenty of amazing titles out there waiting to be discovered but the majority of the population won’t hear about them. What ends up happening is a production company makes a hit with a certain style, let’s say a comic-book-to-film action movie. Then for the next 4 summers, all the other production companies are just trying to emulate that. It’s the same thing with music. Joe Rapper makes a hit song mumbling about the latest libation he’s enjoying out at the club and now every recording studio is adhering to that same format and subject matter. But the good stuff is out there. Just like movie titles, there are musical projects that deserve their own Criterion-type collections. If you’ve been a kung-fu flick fanatic for the past thirty years and you’re still finding out about dope projects you haven’t seen yet…that excitement from discovering something new? It’s a real thing and that’s exactly what movie and music connoisseurs spend their free time searching for. And for fans of quality lyrics and head-nodding production, I’ve got one to put on that list.

I’ve been trying to redirect your attention to the goodness that L.I.F.E.Long has been putting out for awhile now. This dude is a diamond in the rough and if you still haven’t taken heed…today’s the day. New York rap veteran Liggy Long, has been putting in work and grinding out those roses from concrete since the turn of the century. This dude’s like the mayor of the underground rap world in NYC.

Long collaborated with Scottish producer, Bunty Beats on this project. This man is cranking out some of the freshest beats this side of Hadrian’s Wall. I’m talking serious heat. Is this what’s going on in those Edinburgh Vaults? Scotland’s underground meets NYC’s and the result is Voltron-esque.

The guest features throughout this project are worth their weight in haggis, too. Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, Poison Pen and C-Rayz Walz all go in on some good ol’ marvelous mic jousting. Cocoon Movements represent lovely as well – Syntax (Theosyn) and Elohemstar make themselves heard on a good third of this project. If you’re looking for witty metaphors and smart social commentary, look no further. There is no lack for subject matter when Liggy Long in on a track. He tackles gentrification, energy, struggle, travel, policing the police…he’s not a one-trick pony.

There’s no fluff or filler. The goal was to put out skillfully delivered thoughtful verses over quality boom bap and that’s what they did. Bunty and Liggy don’t waste any time. From the jump off you’re bobbing your head and finding lines that’ll impress your favorite rapper. I mean it, these two work well together. And for those that are more about the beats than lyrics, they’ve got you covered there too…

It’s hard to pick a favorite track but the three that I’m vibing off hard (today) are:

1. Bat In Flight ft. Emma Lee

2. Innergroove

3. Climbing Up feat. King RA & Paro (Split Prophets)

Whatever you’re looking for in terms of entertainment…it’s out there. It’s waiting to be discovered, dug up and shared. So, pass this one along and add it to your own Criterion-like Collection. Bat Out The Cave can be copped HERE.

Our Rating

10 Beats & Production

9 Lyrics

9 Replay Value

8 Creativity

10 Headnod Factor

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