One Trip Around the Sun with TheKitchenMix

Kitchen Mix Tape

This month marks the one year anniversary of TheKitchenMix…well, actually it marks the one year anniversary of us being part of the internet community. We’ve always been TheKitchenMix. This is pretty exciting for us. For months we talked about getting this thing up and going, getting it off our thoughts and onto universal digital access. For who knows how long it was always what should we call it, how should it look, and how should we get started?

Sometimes you can’t wait around until things are perfect. Sometimes you just gotta dive in head-first. You gotta begin at the beginning. Make sure the waters aren’t too shallow or too deep and then just dive in.

we are what we doThe universe kind of conspired in our favor along the way but for the most part we were kinda running on Phil Knight’s philosophy of just do it. I think what really jump started the movement was creating the logo. After I finished designing the logo it was like Luchini…This Is It (what?). Things started to click and fall into place. It’s been beautiful. So many doors and opportunities have been opened to us in the past year. We’ve gotten to dialogue with some of our favorite artists, sit down and break bread with many of them, and connect to many wonderful souls… and it’s only just begun.

They say that music is universal. I believe that. 2Mex told us that food is the great equalizer. I believe that. Over the past year we’ve shared in the universal language that is music and connected through food. These two elements are very important to us. We plan to continue to grow and expand and create as we head into our second year of this amazing journey.

This past week our good friend Eden created the first batch of KitchenMix tees for us (coincidently, as I’m sure he wasn’t aware of our one year anniversary). These screen printed shirts came out fresh and you can check out his other work on his website by clicking HERE. My dude’s work is amazing. He’s always coming through and hooking up our family, keeping us freshly dipped.


Keep an eye out for how you can get your hands on one of these official KitchenMix tees. More on that soon. In the meantime I’ll be rocking one of these nonstop.

Special thanks to the artists we’ve connected with over the past year: The Grouch, Homeboy Sandman, Infinito 2017, Pigeon John, Qwel, 2Mex, Eligh, Rakim, Radioinactive, Equipto, Bigg Jus, Pep Love, Peanut Butter Wolf, Aesop, Scarub, Sunspot Jonz, Oddisee, Q-Bert, LA Jae, Random, PremRock, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, K-Murdock, Gift of Gab, Chief Xcel, Neila, Myka 9, Factor, Stacks Malone, and all of our friends that we had connected with prior to TheKitchenMix.

And and extra special thanks to YOU our readers. We really appreciate you. There’s a billion places you can be when you get online and you choose to check us out. Thank you. Respect.

…and we don’t stop.

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