Music for Beautiful Mornings


“Follow the light, it’s just a great feelin’
And I love life, every minute is pure healin’
Can’t you tell I’m much happy nowadays” -Nas from “Good Morning”

Every morning I like to begin my day by going out into the backyard barefoot, connecting with the Earth, stretching and giving thanks. I can’t imagine not starting my mornings off like this. It’s hard not to be grateful when the after-dawn breeze and warm morning sun are greeting my freshly awakened body. All I need is my morning water (which I’ve recently begun to mix with Apple Cider Vinegar) and enough time so as not to feel rushed. And I’m good.


Then the other day I was listening to some music, on one of my more mellow playlists, that made me think, “Man, this is great music for my morning stretches.” Now, I’m not gonna start brining my iPod or any other music source outside, the birds chirping are enough for me. But, I would like to share this music with you so that you’ll have something for your indoor morning activities (in traffic, for the breakfast table, or whatever). It’s just good stuff for the a.m.

This first bit of breakfast time goodness comes from down under by an artist that goes by the name, Ben Jamin’.

I’d probably grab a few of the tracks off of that project, mix in a few from this one…

…sprinkle in a few from this Tribute to Nujabes album…

…probably throw in everything from this Random instrumental joint…

…and finally, throw in some of these sunrise selections…

If you’re like me, you probably have a mix for every occasion. And if that’s the case, then now you have some options for a Beautiful Morning Mix. However, for folks who don’t keep mixes or playlists handy…now’s a good time to get on that. For my part, I’ll just keep supplying ya with the avenues to get you where you need to be. Now let me get on this next mix…


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