Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils – Root for the Good Guys


“Do what you want. Say how you feel. Stay awake for your dreams.” – Mad Dukez

I’m not saying that he was the first, but ever since Bishop in Juice, everyone and their mother claims to root for the bad guys. Well, not me. Underdogs, yes. Bad guys, no. (Exception – Walter White) Have you heard today’s spotlit artists Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils? They’re the latest in good guys that I’m rooting for. These are some honest to goodness cool dudes putting out projects that are cooler than a crisper.

They recently put out a full length effort called Gettin’ Gatsby. You can stream and check it out for yourself down below.

Last week they let loose the video for track 2 off that release. Here you go…

And here are the visuals for the first track…

These guys are great together. It’s a nice one-two combo. But individually they’ve done some good stuff, too. Check out this Fresh Kils battle routine…

As for Mad Dukez, here’s some of his rappity raps over another producer’s beats…

I caught up with these two a few weeks back and chopped it up about the usual – food and music. They shared with me their new found appreciation for eating raw. No, they don’t follow a strictly raw diet. It just so happens that they had recently been on a cross country tour with another MC who does keep it raw, Blueprint. That dude IS strictly raw, especially when he’s eating. Apparently, these dudes were highway traveling, waiting for Blueprint to stop for food but, “he wasn’t stopping for nothing.” They quickly learned that if they were gonna wanna eat, they were going to have to get on board with his routine or listen to their stomachs growl the rest of the tour. They noticed that he was never hungry because he kept a stash of nuts and dried fruit on hand at all times. So, when it came time for me to get a recipe from them…I got the secret to Blueprint’s highway success. Basically, eating handfuls of nuts and dried fruits throughout the day as opposed to large meals has become a tour lifesaver for them.

I’d like to share with you exactly what went down in our conversation. Unfortunately, my usual routine of recording and transcribing interviews hit a major road bump. You know, technology, with all it’s beneficial qualities, sometimes lets us down. Well, that was the case with me. Somehow, my recording device mysteriously erased our interview.

What I can tell you is that these guys were totally receptive to talking food and sharing recipes. They are some super cool individuals and bring an infectious vibe wherever they go. For the past year, they’ve been living in a van, touring the country, trying to get the world to take note of their incredible talents. Along the way, they hit a snag and had their van broken into and their equipment stolen – I’m talking merch, MPC’s, laptops, everything. Did that stop them? Hell no. These guys are in it to win it. They pressed on and are building up energy and followers probably at a higher rate than ever before. That’s what I mean when I say I’m rooting for these good guys.

Last night, our house was broken into. Our laptops and photography equipment were stolen. I’m super bummed by all of that. However, I know that I can take that energy and positive can-do attitude they used to transform their misfortune and apply it to thekitchenmix. Good people inspire good people.

Please make sure to check these guys out. They’ve got plenty of fresh music on their Bandcamp page you can listen to and purchase (even some freebies). Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Catch them at a live show. And above all, support the good guys.


I’ll leave you with this video, one of my favorites…

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