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Your favorite Kitchenmixers got a chance to catch up with artist and emcee, Infinito 2017. Yo, this dude puts in work. If he’s not penning a verse he’s creating on canvas; a master with the mic and the brush. Keep up as we get down with the portrait of an artist as a grown man; handling business and spreading his message.

Get acquainted as you continue reading…

Infinito, or Marcellous Lovelace, comes across as a no-nonsense type dude. He’s got an agenda, something he believes in, and he doesn’t take that mission lightly. I can respect that. You know that food is always on our agenda when we get up with artists, so I started off by hitting him with this little hors d’oeuvre:

1. How does food relate to the creation of your music (and your work on canvas)?

Food has nothing to do with my music; my music is mainly centered on the African Diaspora. I think food in general is for “health” and survival, nothing more.

Seriously, one of the many pleasures I get from participating in dialogues with artists I respect is the varying degree by which they answer my questions. That’s one question that I always ask and every answer has been unique. I get so much more information about individuals from questions like that than if I had asked your run of the mill type interview questions; sleep aids.
Alright, well he’s gotta eat, so let’s see about this one:

2. How would you rate your kitchen skills and are you comfortable in the kitchen?

My cooking skills are pretty good I cook as a need and what’s needed to nourish my
body. I’m not worldly or materialistic so it’s not anything that excites me. I’m
pretty good in the kitchen for what I use it for.

The other day we sat down and watched this movie, Bernie, based on a true story. At one point, the main character was on trial for murder and as he sat on the stand, the prosecuting attorney attempted to use the fact that the accused knew about what wines go best with fish to prove his point. Apparently, in the eyes of the attorney, that knowledge proved that the main character was worldly and needed to have the finer things in life. I find it interesting that people always equate being knowledgable about different kinds of food with being worldly. I find it more of a question of interest. Similar to a fan of jazz that can identify each instrument or element within the song. That doesn’t make them more musically inclined, it just means that they’re more keen on those nuances.
I’ll tell you what though, I’d rather surround myself with people that are more interested in nourishing themselves than eating for pleasure. I mean, yeah, it’s gotta have good taste but it can’t be all sugar and salt all the time. You can nourish yourself in a healthy way.

I decided, next, to switch gears and start to discuss his creative enterprises.
2013 Never Play a role (the runaway tubman child)

3. I’m impressed by the quantity of visual art and music that you are able to put out and still maintain a high degree of quality and social integrity, where does the inspiration come from? Talk about work ethic and discipline. Advice?

My work ethic comes from me being self driven and motivated. I give respect to my Mother and Grandmother for being so driven in their own work ethic. So I’d say my main family members are a motivation to me.

No joke, this dude’s output and work ethic are second to none. He’s got so many albums it’s daunting. Kinda hard to know where to begin. My recommendation, start with his newer stuff and work your way back.

4. If I were to categorize your music by a region (ex. – Chicago Hip Hop, Southern Underground, Midwest) what would it be and talk about the food of the place that you claim.

My creativity is based exclusively from the South Side Chicago and the entire African Diaspora worldwide and any of the Indigenous regions of the earth. My creativity is black / Nubian inside and out and full of culture and content.

2013 one day only to buy your freedom art by marcellous lovelace

This is covered in the following video where he talks about some of his art…

5. I’m a Nacrobats fan. Have continued to follow many of the members as they ventured off on their own paths. Can you talk about that experience and creating music within that collective?

What do I say, I’ve made over 25 albums (tapes, CD and Vinyl) prior to any knowledge
of Nacrobats. I have made over 120 more projects during and prior to the connection. I have to admit that Nacrobats for me was just a very minute part of my music life. The connection to the Nacrobats crew for me is mainly like a partial collaboration for a small period of time. The only person in Nacrobats I have any connection with after 2004 is Thaione Davis. I mainly do all my work for Infinito 2017, Marcellous Lovelace and Joe Left Hand Records.

Yeah, Nacrobats always came off like a Chicago collage of artistry. They put out some great stuff but the collective was so deep in membership that it made Wu-Tang feel like a duet (and you know how many are in that crew). But let’s keep our focus…

6. If you could artistically or musically collaborate with any artist, who would that be? Why?

I’d work with Stevie Wonder because he seems to know what feels good in music
making as far as I’m concerned. I’d like to work with De La Soul, Madlib, Bob Power, The Roots, Sun Ra and someone like Norman Conners because they all know how to make vocals warm and the music nice and tight. Just to name a few.

I could definitely see a De La collaboration working.

7. Does spirituality play a role in your artistic creations? Explain.

No, I’m not involved in any outer body operation with my creativity. It’s all a self
motivated process. I wake up and breathe, life alone drives me to create. Life is a gift so I will not waste it.

Alright, back to food.

8. What are your thoughts on food culture in America? Regionally?

I think food culture in America is extremely poor and many people eat to feed an emotional need be it the lack of sex, money and opportunity. Based on my theory, America on a whole is completely materialistic and loaded with folk who drown themselves in waste matter and gluttony. The sad part about the underprivileged parts of the cities like the South Side of Chicago where I’m from is there aren’t many healthy options or diversified food choices, people are improperly trained to destroy themselves through diet, education, and social health on a daily basis.

2012 We accept EBT and Guns_copy

9. If you could have anybody (past, present, famous, family…) make you a meal who would it be and what would you like? Why?

Someone who knows how to make a hearty and healthy vegetarian / vegan meal? I went to a place in Brooklyn, New York once that had some good tasting, vegetarian, meatless food.

You got it Mr. Lovelace. We resemble that request. I think this Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili is just the thing you’re looking for (hearty and vegetarian).

10. Is there a recipe you would like to share with our readers or share with us to possibly try and feature?

Veggie Tacos
Get you some vegetables any kind, possibly some ground tofu or veggie burgers. Red
Beans, rice. Some Taco Shells, any kind you like. Get you some lettuce, spinach etc.. Some seasoning, I use milk free taco seasoning for taste.
Cook all the peppers, onions, veggie burgers into large skillet until it’s all
grounded similar to the look of traditional Taco Meat. Mix in seasoning, etc …
Place in taco shells and eat. Hot Sauce and or Salsa etc as needed. (I’m not the type of person who wants anyone to know too much personally about me if they are not my immediate family).

11. If I were to describe myself using food I might say: spicy, organic gottta-have-that-crunch, grass-fed, not too sweet, home cooked and satisfying meal
What would you say? How would you describe yourself?

Sustainable, I’d say I’m something that lasts through all things.

And finally…

12. Comment on the following – True or False: You are what you eat.

True, don’t eat pork or allow yourself to be fed diabetes based, high blood pressure junk. That’s just me… Oh don’t drink alcohol or intake any type of drugs. Man Up …

If you weren’t already familiar with his output, grab your late pass and get started on your homework. If you already knew what time it was then be on the lookout for his next project…I’m sure he’s got one or three projects in the works. As always, it was a pleasure to get the opportunity to interview an artist whose work we appreciate. Peace and respect to Infinito/Marcellous.

Yo, be sure to catch up with him at:

I’ll leave you with this Oddisee produced joint (you already know)…



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