Holiday Hip Hop for your Christmas Mixes


“To my surprise when I awoke on Christmas dawn
I couldn’t find my tapes and my lyrics were gone
But underneath the tree in a red and blue pack
Was a Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros. contract
So I’m here tonight to share my cheers
So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” -MC Shan (Juice Crew)

I started going through some songs in my head that I’d like to put together on a mix tape. It’d be nice to have a fresh little Holiday Hip Hop Mix to have playing in the background as we make our way through the season. Unfortunately, this time of year seems to have less and less hours in the days. I wouldn’t want to leave you empty handed, though. So, here are a few selections that I recommend you put on your own playlists or mixes. All are in keeping with the holiday spirit.

1. Here’s a great one from Solidarity Records…

This track is off a collaborative project put out by Equipto’s Solidarity Records. You can grab the whole project HERE. There are several other goodies on that compilation, though not always appropriate to play around the kiddies (I got my CD in the car to listen on the way to work). If you’re up for a version of “Oh, Christmas Tree” replaced with the lyrics, “let’s smoke some trees,” this album is for you. Get it.

2. And of course, no Holiday party is complete without this classic…

3. How about this Jingle Bells remix by Dan the Automator (you know, the guy who produced Deltron 3030, Dr. Octagon and 1/2 of Handsome Boy Modeling School)…

If you can find the compilation album that this track is featured on, grab it. Minus a few missteps, it’s a dope project.

4. Here’s a cool song and video which serves as a Hip Hop letter to Santa from Mega Ran…

And if you’re feeling Ran’s storytelling styles for the Holiday season, check out T’was The Night Before Christmas and Humbug! (with Writer’s Guild).

5. And possibly the best Hip Hop Christmas posse cut of all time…

I love the style of this one. Everyone came with a nice verse.

6. How about a West Coast Christmas posse cut…

7. This one might be a bit of a stretch. But, oh well. See, this Outkast track was originally meant to be a Christmas track before it became a single off of their first album, SOUTHERNPLAYALISTICADILLACMUZIK…

It’s a dope song either way. I ran that CD into the ground when it first came out.

8. And taking it all the way back, the first Christmas Rap ever put on wax (1979)…

You can’t even front on that classic beat.


So plug in the tree, grab yourself a plate piled high with all of your favorite Holiday treats and throw on some of these Hip Hop Holiday beats. Enjoy your Holidays the right way! Season’s greetings to everyone.

“Big Daddy Kane is on the mic and I’mma tell a great
Christmas line for your delight
That’s Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”


Yo, this just in. A few more Christmas joints have been released over the past few days. And they both deserve some shine.

Original #rapgod, Casual (of Hieroglyphics), dropped this Santa Claus track the other day…

And showing some love for the Christmas season, MURS gave us this…

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