Get Up On This: A Pharcyde/Tribe Mash-up

I am a fan of the mash-ups…when they’re done right. And Bizarre Tribe is proper!  Everybody has a soft spot on their musical radar for A Tribe Called Quest.  Everyone.  And just try to name two people you know who have heard the Pharcyde and don’t like’em.  Can’t be done. Impossible.  This mash-up could have gone sour real quick if it hadn’t been done just right.  Lucky for us the ingredients were perfect and Gummy Soul did just the right amount of marinating and mixing for a tasty treat for your ears.

Do yourself a favor. Get up on this. (and ay, it’s on special right now for the low, low price of $free.99)

Also, available from the good people at Gummy Soul…


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