Fresh Basil Lemonade – Thanks to Masta Ace


“Lemonade was a popular drink, and it still is” -Guru

Don’t you love it when people share recipes on Instagram? Several weeks ago we came across a post from Masta Ace talkin’ about basil lemonade. Well, hell yea! We knew what we had to do and we suggest you get to it too.

If you’ve always longed for a garden, but don’t know where to begin, basil is the perfect starter plant. They’re hearty and grow well in many climates. I mean, they survive the blazing hot desert.. what more can you ask for? Among other things, basil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, but you gotta make sure to eat a lot of it (and other herbs) to really experience the benefits. It is also believed to promote happiness, peace, and to stimulate the conscious mind. So plant some basil and make lemonade, and pesto and whatever else.

basil lemonade2

This recipe involves making a basil flavored simple syrup. I LOVE making my own flavored syrups. This way you can control the kind of sugar used and can create just about any flavor you can dream of. Masta Ace likes to keep his sweeteners real, just like us, and recommends using raw sugar. Hence the caramel color…

basil lemonade5

We didn’t have raw sugar, so I used organic brown sugar instead. Raw and brown sugars are somewhat similar in that both retain molasses, which is where the vitamins and minerals are. Also, while this drink was intended to be served cool, I think it would be good to drink warm too.

basil lemonade4

Now, let’s get down to business.

Fresh Basil Lemonade
by Masta Ace, found on Instagram


2 cups + 8 cups water
15-20 basil leaves
1 cup raw sugar
4-5 lemons

Make it:

Place the sugar and 2 cups of water in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce and allow it to summer for about 2 minutes, until it begins to thicken slightly. Submerge the basil in the sugar water, turn off the heat, and cover. Let cool and strain.

Juice the lemons. Place the juice in a large pitcher and add the cooled basil syrup and 8 cups of water. Stir and enjoy!

An LGMF original. Probably the most popular piece at Casa de KitchenMix.

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