Feeding A Battle MC

Nocando is an established underground Hip Hop recording artist, but is probably better  known as a battle hungry MC. This dude EATS emcees. But an MC cannot live off of lesser opponents alone…so, how to feed the belly of a battle tested MC and hip hop recording artist?

Earlier this week, the good folks that are the Kitchen Mix, had a chance to chew the fat with Project Blowed affiliate, Nocando.  Look, I’m not gonna get into his resumé.  Trust me when I say that many battle rappers have walked away defeated when faced with the former Skribble Jam champ.

Variety is the spice of life but you can keep the variety, just make sure dude gets his spice.  He likes a “healthy amount of spices…the burn makes me feel alive.”  “Whether it’s Soul Food, Mexican or Korean it’s gotta have that heat!”  “I like spicy foods…I eat all my f@*%n carne asadas hot as f*@#, seasoned already and then I put the red sauce.”

If you are what you eat, then that must be why so many opponents have been burned.  “Yeah, I am what I eat…the way I eat is also a mirror for the way I live.” Well said.

Out of curiosity I looked up the word spicy and here’s some of what you’d find within the definition: lively, high-spirited, having the flavor or quality of spice.  I don’t know if I could could think of a better way to prove that you are the aftereffect of what you consume.  But I’ll tell you what I do know, if you invite this man to dinner…have plenty of cayenne peppers on hand. Behind the mic, this dude is hot fire.  Believe that. And oddly enough, when I asked him about what food addictions he had…the number one answer ladies and gentlemen: spicy foods.

What do you think? Does his piquant taste come across in his music?  Looks like he’s spitting fire to me. (Oh and uh, you already know how I feel about visually stunning music videos. Nuff said)

Not long ago, as I was clearing off the table for dinner my son approached me and asked, “Daddy are we gonna have a meal or a feast?”  My response was, “Well, what’s the difference?”  His response says a lot about our family unit – “A meal is what we eat but a feast is lots of food, friends and hip hop.” I loved that. As a result, I always ask that question during my conversations with hip hop artists. The responses are always unique and telling.  Nocando’s was no different, “Good people. You can get as much food as you want and you can eat it by yourself but it’s not a feast unless you got friends or family sitting around (eatin’ and talking shit – or not even talkin shit just eating) and enjoying each other’s company (without even saying anything).” Agreed.

One conversational tool I like to use when I get the opportunity to dialogue with artists is a kind of food 21 questions, first-thing-that-comes-to-mind game.  Not too much of a stretch from a freestyle-while-I-throw-out-words skill builder that was popularized by Sway on the Wake Up Show. Perfect for someone with Nocando’s credentials, right?

Now, everybody that knows me can vouch for the fact that I’m my wife’s biggest fan, especially when it comes to the culinary concoctions.  Which is why I appreciate and concur with Nocan’s response when I threw out: homemade meals – “whenever my wife just freestyles in the kitchen…” That’s exactly what my response needs to be whenever I’m asked about my favorite food.  I’m sure he’ll agree when I say that we know how to pick’em.

Some of the other responses to my free response tool were:
Q: Seafood.
A: Sushi
Q: Satisfy a sweet tooth.
A: I don’t have a sweet tooth, I don’t really f#@k with the sweets.
Q: Food you avoid.
A: None.
Q: Food you eat with your hands.
A: Everything.

I’m gonna pump the brakes right here and get into more of what we talked about at a later date (in the very near future). Stay tuned and hold tight for part II of our conversation with Nocando. I’m sitting here writing and gettin’ inspired to create something  based off the things we talked about. I love the spice as well and I’m starting to get some ideas (that wifey will hafta make cuz I’m more of sous-chef than an actual cook; that’s her jurisdiction). Might just hafta cook up something extra spicy…and then add the red sauce.  More on that soon, plus talk of food trucks and street food.

Be sure to try and catch Nocando and company when they roll through your hood.  And if you’re still not knowing about Nocando – make Youtube or Google your next online stop and see what’s up. Peace.

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