Don’t Give Up


You already know how we feel about Homeboy Sandman around here. Well, one of the things that I really appreciate about dude is that there’s always a message involved. He’ll entertain you with a song or an anecdote, no doubt, but there’s always a message involved.

Listen below as Boy Sand breaks down one such anecdote where we find him trying to avoid eviction. Backed by beats he’s rocked over, he takes us through an inspirational tale you’re guaranteed to like. I’m always up for those little slices of life that attest to the fact that the universe will conspire to give you what you need. Here’s one adventure from his personal legend…

Love the message. Go for it. Go for broke.

Shout out to NPR, Snap Judgement and Glynn Washington on the podcast. Excellent job on this one! Be sure to point your internet browser toward to stay up on the happenings of Homeboy Sandman. And never stop asking because the Universe will provide. Peace.

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