COVERED – Dj Drez and Marti Nikko

I discovered this remake album today… but first, let me tell you what’s been going on.

It’s been one of the roughest weeks we’ve ever had – we had a major leak in our ceiling from a burst pipe and it flooded and ruined a significant portion of our kitchen and living room. We had to stay in a hotel for two nights – Sunday and Monday (not even the fun nights) while still having to work and take care of two little boys (and little dog) and it’s felt like the longest week EVER.

It’s Saturday now and I refuse to do anything, even though the place is trashed from all the stuff having to be taken out of the cabinets so they could be ripped out, and taken out of the closet and moved to the middle of the floor so things could dry and the baseboards could be removed. There’s a huge plastic tarp serving as a ceiling. Still, I am chillin.

I have been lying in bed for a while now and fell in love with COVERED as soon as I heard it. See, it pays to lay around surfing Instagram all day! Cause if it weren’t for Dj Drez posting about it, who knows when I would have learned about this?

Marti Nikko and Dj Drez are one of my favorite couples. And while I usually don’t care for cover songs, the way Nikko and Drez remade “Passing Me By” and “No Woman No Cry” really speaks to me.

I started sending links out to nearly everyone I know (something I always think about doing, but never actually do) and realized I should just post a blog about it.

This fiasco with our house has been, strangely, very inspiring on many levels. The morning it happened I had been lamenting to Saeso about how I don’t know how to be happy (even though I have SO MANY THINGS to be grateful for) and I’m not sure what I am supposed to be doing with my life. He gave me a strong pep talk, full of truth about how I’m getting in my own way of being the person I imagine myself and long to be.

Later that day I went out for coffee and came home (after only an hour) to find buckets of water POURING from the ceiling, filling one-third of our house with about three inches of water. I didn’t panic the way I’d expect myself to. I was, all things considering, exceptionally calm. I knew so much would be ruined, and that it would probably cost us a lot of money, but I also felt like I just needed to surrender. So I did. I took deep breaths, made a million phone calls, and carried on with my life.

The best thing, however, is that the leak has inspired me to remake myself:

I need to stop getting in my own way by being afraid and comparing myself to others. I need to stop telling myself (and believing) that I am not good enough, not smart enough, not ready yet. Like the songs above, I will always be myself – the same lyrics will fill me, but I can work around them. I can formulate new beats and lyrics.

I am starting my New Year’s Resolutions now. I am going to share myself despite the discomfort of vulnerability. I am going to accept my life with gratitude as it is and as it comes. I will rebuild the kitchen and I will rebuild my thoughts…

Hope you like the remake(s).

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