CharlieRED. The Blues. Their MUSE.


Yo, I love Blues. LOVE the Blues. The Kings – B.B., Freddie and Albert. Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Black Ace…so many greats. Somehow the Mrs. doesn’t quite see eye to eye with me on that one, but I’ll let it slide (only because her cooking is the cure for any blues). I usually listen to all my Blues records when she’s not around. I got the Wifey Hates the Blues Blues.

I haven’t always been a fan of the Blues – not that I didn’t like the genre, I just wasn’t put onto it until much later in life. I know now that there’s nothing without the Blues. Nothing. Every genre of music since could not be what it is today without the Blues.

When good music is fused with the Blues it’s usually the recipe for a winning combination. Earlier this year I was praising the talents of Kid Koala for fusing his turntable styles with some old Blues records to create 12 Bit Blues. One of my favorite bands, The Black Keys, are the product of Blues. Heck, even Mos Def paid respect to the genre. And rightfully so, it’s just great music for the Soul (by the way, you have no Soul music without the Blues).

Anyway, the other day another product of the Blues, a duo that goes by the name CharlieRED dropped a dope new project that I thought you should know about. These guys are labeled as a Hip Hop/Blues act but to me it’s just the next generation of Blues. So refreshing.

I first heard these cats on this track right here…

That track is amazing! It comes off their last EP which you can stream and cop HERE. This next one is from the same project as the last, the EP titled Religion. This one’s equally, ridiculously dope…

You’re probably gonna wanna put everything else on hold for a bit while you check out their latest offering (as well as older tracks from their SoundCloud page, YouTube and whatever else you can find). But hurry, if you wanna save a few bucks, grab it before September 4th. After that you’re gonna hafta shell out some dough for this audio dope. Stream below and then put this project on your mp3 player…

Can’t say enough about these guys. New favorites. Matter fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that this is the best new thing I’ve learned about in 2013. Yeah, I said it. These cats are that good. Be sure to peep their site, grab some music and merch and spread the good word. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and probably everywhere else you spend your online social time. Spread love thekitchenmix way.

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