Chamomile for What Ails Ya

A new take on the phrase, “flower power.”

On Monday morning, our youngest son woke with conjunctivitis in both eyes. Conjunctivitis is fancy talk for “pink eye.”

This is the first time either of the kids have had pink eye. It’s funny how life prepares you for things though because several weeks back I too woke with pink eye on a Monday. I thought about going to the doctor, I even went so far as to make the call. But since we see a naturopath and pay out of pocket, it was gonna run us about $100.

Eff that.

I’m not sure why going to the doctor even crossed my mind, considering my herbal studies. Instead I ran to a trusty book and read – chamomile can cure conjunctivitis. I decided to try it for one day.

Chamomile close up

One day was all I needed. I couldn’t believe it. The following day, the stank eye – I mean, pink eye – was completely gone!

So, when the youngest boy woke with it on Monday I knew what to do. Except I was terrified. Panic set in. Why the hell? Because it’s in my nature to panic and worry and think of the worst possible case scenario when it comes to my boys. And it made me realize that it’s this state of fear and vulnerability where we give up most of our power.

We’re so quick to put our health into other people’s hands. Very often those people are total strangers. We’re taught to believe that those people “know more than us.” And yes, in many cases they do. But they don’t know you or your children like you do.

As hard as it is, I try to look at illness as a blessing. “What can I learn from this?” And I’m not just talking about practical things like, chamomile cures pink eye. I’m talking about things like, “Oh… when I’m scared I start to really doubt myself.” “When I’m nervous, I feel like I don’t know what to do.” Most significantly, “My greatest fear is that my children will suffer.” Knowing the root of our fears is key.

As parents, and as people, the greatest thing we can do for ourselves in hold our own power. Steady yourself from the inside. Take a deep breath. TRUST. In the above case, I took a moment to center myself; to acknowledge that this method worked in the past for me. That yes, we’re all different – it may not work for him, but I have to try. I am his mother. But I am also myself.

Who do I want to be? Who do you want to be? Brave? Wise? Nurturing? Compassionate? Patient? These are things I want to see in myself. But we’re never gonna see those things if we’re never in situations that actually make us practice them.

Luckily, it was just pink eye. But shit happens all of the time. Children get sick. It’s a part of life. I want my children to grow up knowing how to hold their own. I want them to grow up knowing that yes, there are people out there that can help us tremendously, but we must first learn to help ourselves. Never falling down…

“Many men will not fall cause they’re mama’s head’s strong.”


Should you get pink eye, make a simple infusion of the freshest (cause this is hip hop, baby) chamomile flowers you can find and rinse your eye with it as often as possible until it’s gone.

1/4 cup chamomile flowers
1 cup water

Bring the water to a boil and pour it over the chamomile. Allow it to steep for at least 30 minutes. Strain. Use a cotton pad to gently rub your eye with the tea.

Alternatively, you could use a chamomile teabag from the store.

Also, if it’s been more than 24 hours and you’re not seeing any improvement, you should seek “legit” medical advice.

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