Butterfingers: Hecho en Casa


“Call me Butterfingers cause I drippedy-drop umm, ’nuff styles…”
– Das EFX from “Mic Checka”

When I was a kid, nobody told me how much candy I could or couldn’t eat. Full size candy bars were a regular part of my life. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those carefree days – I wish we could all just eat a candy bar without thinking about how it’s compromising our immune systems.

Too late for that.

But DAMN. I miss candy! Sometimes my cravings get the best of me and next thing you know I’m stirring a bubbling mixture of corn syrup and cane juice… sweet, sweet alchemy.

chopped butterfinger

I’m not trying to claim that homemade Butterfingers are any healthier than the store bought stuff, but what I will say is that making them is fun. Plus, you can cut out unnecessary ingredients like artificial flavors and colors. Keep it (a little more) real!

I accidentally ate this for breakfast the day after I made it! Sometimes you gotta just do what you gotta do…
butterfinger ice cream

If you’re up for trying this recipe, check it out at Not Without Salt. Her instructions are very thorough, and I don’t wanna plagiarize. Cause plagiarism is wack, son!

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