Blitz Is Warming Up


“West African flows
You forced to close your eyelids.
And imagine I rhyme non-stop.
Mount Rushmore,
forcing dead Presidents to rock.” -Blitz the Ambassador

Yesterday, to commemorate my mother’s birthday, international Hip Hop artist and ambassador, Blitz the Ambassador dropped a pretty dope EP. Ok, well, maybe it wasn’t meant to help ring in my mom’s new year, but the release of his EP did coincide with my mama’s born day. Happy Birthday Mom! And since she probably won’t enjoy the album as much as I am, I thought I could at least share it with you good folks – a little gift for you.

Oh, you haven’t heard of Blitz? Well, get acquainted. This Ghana-born and raised rhyme spitter has been dropping albums and EP’s since 2004. I first came across his work because I’m kind of a label checker. If a label drops a few quality albums, I’ll usually check out their back catalogue and see what else they’ve put out. Jakarta Records is based out of Germany and are responsible for putting out dope albums from the likes of Raashan Ahmad, Ta-Ku and L’Orange (all of whom I’ve written about in the past). Yeah, so check’em out. They put out the goods.

Peep this track off his last full length featuring the beautiful and always talented Les Nubians

Anyway, you’re probably gonna wanna check out his most recent project. I’m feeling it. He’s brought along some heavy hitters to help him out on this one. Fashawn lends a hand on the first track, which is a great opener for the project. Great beat and dope sample on that one.

The second track is a nice little nod to the great Dikembe Mutombo and his famous finger wave that he would give when he rejected opponents. Check it out…

The next track opens up with a sample of Eddie Murphy’s Coming To America and then proceeds with a fresh beat, message and deep pride for his African culture and heritage. Loving this one.

Yo, I already told you that this dude was more international than french toast, but in case you didn’t know check out track 4, Internationally Known.

Blitz sticks with the international flavor on the next cut as he enlists the help of 20Syl, Emicida, and Y’akoto for a multilingual rhyme fest. Respect.

Track 6. If you can gather Nneka and Ty to help you out on a track, you got yourself a winner. Nuff said. These guys are speaking out on some stuff that needs to spoken about. Content and consciousness right here.

The final track, Royalty, is more homage to his motherland. Bars and a nice display of skills. Kinda comes off a little like Black Thought on this one. A great wrap up to a solid project.

“I am to Ghana what Kendrick is to Compton…” – Blitz

Check the project out for yourself down below. Stream it and then download it. It can be free if you want or you can pitch in some loot – whatever you think it’s worth. Also, vinyl pre-orders can be taken HERE.

If you’re new to Blitz the Ambassador, play catch up by spending some time HERE. You can shop, watch videos and learn more about the man all in one place. He’s also up on social media sites. So, do the good thing and show the dude some love. Get on board now…cuz he’s just warming up.

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