Ben Boogz – I Moreno

I was talking to some young folks about the difference between practice and passion. Oftentimes, people feel that people practice because they have a passion for something. If you’ve ever strived to be great at anything you know that you could practice until your calluses are torn and bleeding, your eyes can’t take in any more light and your breathing burns like the dry desert heat. But none of that matters if the practice isn’t purposeful and the passion isn’t born out of the blood, sweat and tears of those practice sessions. Let’s not get it twisted – I’m not saying that one is more important than the other. I’m saying that one without the other is a ride through space without a cockpit window.

There are a million different DJ’s with collections and collecting habits that’d give an archivist anxiety. But they don’t all have the knowhow to piece together a funk break, a 2 second looped horn section and the fadeout of an obscure jazz vocalist into a headnodding soundscape for seasoned listeners. For that, it takes passion, purpose, practice and some special spices from that back row of a spice rack.

Enter Ben Boogz a.k.a Chef Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros. Remember how I was saying that not all DJ’s or collectors have that certain know how? Well, this brother does. Lucky for you Hipnott Records just pressed up some cassettes of his latest offering. 28 tracks of everything a dope vinyl collection has between the millions of grooves in between those dusty sleeves chopped, looped and concocted with the taster’s choice in mind.

I Moreno, the album christened in honor of Ben’s father, is the perfect mix of stone cold funk, badass breaks and a hundred and one nuances that’ll turn up after repeated listens. This is no throwaway beat tape to keep on you hard drive. Naw. This is that tape you pop in the deck that’ll have heads interrupting conversations like, “Yo, who’s this?!” This is that theme music for building Lego spaceships and cooking spicy dinners for friends. Ben, always the dude with the fun snippets and samples, has concocted a project that can only be described as super duper dookey dope! But don’t take it from me. Stream below and when you’re done cop that New York Knick orange and blue tape and keep the dust off them speakers.

Our Rating

9 Freshness

9 Replay Value

10 Headnod Factor

10 Funkiness

9 Overall Dopeness

All Scores Out Of 10

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