Batsauce’s Clean Plate

Two thoughts popped into my mind when I caught wind of this new instrumental project by Batsauce. The first…I’m not sure where it originated; I’d like to say that I’ve been carrying it around in my mind for years but it was most likely a meme that I stumbled across while scrolling through my feed.
“Where words fail, music succeeds.”
And the second…
“The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and when his stomach’s full, through his ears.”
The first is in reference to the absence of vocal features that we’ve become accustomed to hearing on Batsauce albums. No Lady Daisey, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Qwaazar, or Dillon on this one. There aren’t any raps, verses or choruses to guide the 21 selections he’s served up. Instead, we’re treated to a wide selection of samples and layered production that takes us from one end of the globe to everywhere the Globetrotters have stopped to play pranks with fake water buckets.
The latter is in reference to the fact that the individual who coined that phrase, yours truly, would be just as satisfied off of a full plate beats as he would be off a full plate of beet salad.
This most recent Full Plate release is the third volume in the Clean Plate series. Previous contributors include Willie Evans Jr and Paten Locke. This go-around finds Bat experimenting with various styles and genres, utilizing the eclectic collection he’s amassed over the course of his travels. No musical idea is left unsampled. It’s refreshing to hear a wide range of moods and emotions conveyed without the aid of the human voice. Sometimes funky drums and loops from a dusty jazz record are all the words you need. This is just more proof that Batsause is truly a master of his craft.
Peep it, stream it, tell a buddy to tell a buddy and then cop yourself a limited cassette version of this third installment of the Clean Plate Club series…

Our Rating

10 Freshness

10 Flavor

9 Originality

10 Selection

10 Goes Good With Dinner

All Scores Are Out of a Possible 10

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