34 BEFORE 35

Every year when it gets close to my birthday I have the idea of setting the same amount of goals as the age I’m turning.  One of the goals that has been on my list (every list since before I even called them lists) was to go on a “real” roller coaster.  A really high scary one.  This summer I finally did it!  It was called “The Accelerator ” at Knotts Berry Farm.  Afterward I kept thinking, “I can finally cross this off my list!”

Up to this point my lists never made it beyond my brain.  But I’m starting to see that setting goals is useful.  And important.

It’s a little early now, still a couple of weeks away from my actual date of birth, but maybe this will serve as a sign of things to come.

34.  Create and post regularly on a personal blog site.

33.  S T R E T C H every day.

32.  Learn to meditate regularly.

31.  Exercise regularly!

30.  Finish herbalism courses.

29.  Finalize Master’s degree – it’s a really long story.

28.  Visit my friend Liz in Colorado.

27.  Visit a place I’ve never been before.

26.  Make jam or marmalade.

25.  Send more snail mail.

24.  Make my own ginger ale.

23.  Make my own kombucha.

22.  Successfully make cheese.

21.  Expand my herb garden.

20.  Expand my collection of essential oils.

19.  Write morning pages.  EVERY DAY.

20.  Make most of my Christmas gifts by hand.

19.  Write letters to Elijah and Saul consistently.

18.  Learn how to make and work with fondant.

17.  Take a class!  Any class.

16.  More professional massages.

15.  Surprise Elijah and Saul with bento boxes.

14.  Have more theme parties.

13.  Eat more vegetables.  Especially green ones.

12.  Call my mom more often.

11.  Get more artwork up on our walls.

10.  Give our bedroom a makeover.

9.  Start composting.  FOR REAL.

8.  Organize/create our office/craft space.

7.  Learn to listen to my instincts.  Is that even possible?

6.  Learn to quit being so judgmental.  A lifelong goal,  probably.

5.  Find the perfect set of measuring spoons.

4.  Print more photographs.

3.  Make more friends.

2.  Think (and BREATHE) before I speak!

1.  Figure out how to earn a living in a way that is in alignment with my soul and spirit.  A way to earn a living that isn’t “going to work,” rather working to make this world a better place.

There are many more things on this list… Some of them too personal, some of them immeasurable.


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