12-Bits of Fun and Enjoyment Blues

You have to have fun. Whatever your occupation is, despite all the shortcomings in the career path you’ve chosen for yourself, you must incorporate an element of fun into it. I try to. I spend my days with eighth graders that think they know it all…when that’s what you have to work with, you gotta foster some aspect of fun into an environment like that or you’ll end up on depression meds.  For me it’s jokes and sarcasm, which they’ve just started to understand and appreciate.  The people that are the most miserable are the most successful at not incorporating humor or other elements of enjoyment into their mundane lives. This is true.

I don’t know if you’re hip to projects put out by Kid Koala, but I’ll tell you what – this dude enjoys what he does. You can tell. Some artists create a collection of songs that they want you to hear, put it out and then maybe go out on a tour to promote it. In typical fashion for someone creating an atmosphere of fun for themselves – truly enjoying what they are doing, Kid Koala takes it to that next level. He’s put out games, comics, videos, crafts – all kinds of things to add more fun and flavor to the job of putting out music.

Last year, my brother-in-law made sure that we were aware of Kid Koala’s latest offering, 12-Bit Blues, and although I did snub him a bit, I did mention his work in my year end’s best of list. It’s an amazing album. If you like Hip Hop, Jazz, experimental, electronic music or the Blues; any of these, then you will enjoy this record. Music aside though, I gotta talk to you about that extra fun that he adds to your listening experience.

Case and point…

Nobody puts something like that together because they have to. That’s a labor of love built on enjoyment. Finding fulfillment from the fun you put into it. What you put in, you get out.

You only hafta look at his album cover to see all of the fun he had in creating this…

Look at all the little extras. “Mind Expanding Sound Waves.” Haha. I love it. And the Domino Travel Set that’s included? They’re paper, cut-along-the-dotted-line Dominos. The 24 Page Full Color Illustrated Book contains an amazing collection of artistic representations of sound devices and recording equipment.

Check out this turntable and mixer made out of Legos…

Open up the 2×12″ album cover and you’ll find an old style Record Index…

It’s like he found an old ledger or something and decided, hey, I’m gonna use that. I appreciate little things like that. And he’s always done cool stuff for his videos. Check out this organized chaos that he put together for 8 bit blues…

No editing and all captured in one take. It’s hella resourceful. Like he was looking around his house trying to find stuff to use for the video. And if that’s the case, he’s got some cool stuff laying around his crib. Dude’s got another official video for the album where he’s photocopying images of what you’re hearing…creative and fun!

You gotta love all the details and little extras that he adds to the mix (pun intended). Yo, this album is incredible. Beautiful even. This guy is a genius. Be sure to keep up with all of the projects he has on the horizon. Right now he’s got Kid Koala’s Space Cadet Headphone Concert series that he’s putting together. This kid’s just on some next level ish!

I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Especially if you like the Blues, you’re gonna need this. I like all of his other projects as well but this one…yeah, this one’s for me. Check it out and if you’re feeling it, try to get yourself the deluxe package for even more fun! Enjoy what you do friends. You only live once.

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